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As the weather gets hotter and water becomes scarce, here are some easy ways to do your part to conserve our most valuable resource.


1. Take lots of little showers: Instead of taking a long, wasteful 30-minute shower in the morning, try splitting it up into 15 quick and economical showers throughout the day. It’ll be a little bit of an inconvenience, but it’ll do a whole lot of good.

2. Limit how often you wash your computer: Look, we get it. Computers get gross. But if you can limit the number of times you hose down your computer to two or three times a week, you’ll be doing Mother Earth a big favor.

3. Leave fires alone: When a fire is scorching everything you own, it’s tempting to want to continuously douse it with water until it goes away. But in reality, this is actually incredibly wasteful, and while fire can be annoying, a world without water would be much, much worse.

4. Don’t waste clouds: Clouds are nothing more than giant sacks of pure, untouched water, and yet we let dozens of them float uninterrupted over our houses every single day. Don’t let them go to waste! Catch the clouds in a net and wring them of all their water before releasing them back into the sky.


5. Baptize with gasoline: While baptism is undoubtedly a sacred occasion in many young children’s lives, God won’t be offended if you stray from the script a little. So, when it comes time for your infant son or daughter to be baptized, insist that the priest use good ol’ petroleum in lieu of water.

6. Reuse pool water: Instead of draining and refilling your pool every time you want to take a dip, try swimming in it two or three times before changing out the water. It might sound gross, but trust us—it’s really not that bad.


7. Sink all boats: In a time of drought, water should only be used for necessary things like drinking and hygiene—not recreation. The next time you see a boat taking a joyride out on the water, promptly sink it and put an end to the carelessness.

8. Try cups: While catching tap water in your palms and quickly slurping it out is certainly the most natural and convenient way to quench your thirst, it’s actually rather wasteful, as much of the water trickles between your fingers and goes down the drain. But there’s a product that can solve this problem, and it’s called a cup. Just go to any home goods store and ask for one—you won’t be disappointed!


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