A blind woman holding an enormous Tic Tac.

Here’s some great news for the visually impaired community.

The checkout aisle has long been filled with breath mints that have openly neglected the needs of the disabled. Thankfully, there is now at least one breath mint that’s making the most accessible mint ever: Tic Tac is making its breath mints 500 times larger for the visually impaired.


Now here is a brand that gets it!

The new Tic Tacs that have been helpfully scaled up to 500 times their normal size will now be squeezing into checkout aisles across the country, their large, shot-put size very clear and visible even for shoppers with severe vision problems. Tic Tacs is keeping the same formula that made its smaller mints iconic, but now they’re 20 pounds and don’t exclude hard-of-seeing customers.

It’s truly inspiring that Tic-Tac is committed to making an accessible mint that is impossible to miss.

Whether you have 20/20 vision or not, these new massive Tic Tacs will soon be casting long shadows in your car cupholder and making your purse an absolute nightmare to carry. Now ALL Americans are just a lick of their hulking, melon-size breath mint away from fresh breath. And that’s something to stand up and cheer about.


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