Graham and Cassidy.

In American politics, it’s no secret that lobbyists tend to hold greater sway over the choices of our representatives than the voice of the people does. For proof, look no further than the failure of the Graham-Cassidy proposal: The death of the latest GOP healthcare bill shows just how powerful the Homeless Single Mothers lobby has become in Washington.


When a group as powerful as the Homeless Single Mothers lobby calls, you can bet that your representative is going to pick up the phone.

The latest GOP healthcare bill was in trouble from the start because it proposed slashing Medicare, a service the beltway power brokers over at the Homeless Single Mothers lobby need to get their children even basic medical treatment. It was just a matter of time before these marginalized mother lobbyists called the trove of politicians they have in their pocket to bring the hammer down on Sen. Mitch McConnell and his efforts. Any leverage the Republicans may have held with their Senate majority was totally impotent against this faction’s ability to pull the strings to further their interests in finding consistent, habitable shelter during the winter.

It seems like if a politician wants anything to get done in D.C., they have to catch a Homeless Mothers lobbyist whenever she is on break from her minimum-wage job, which she can only do part-time because she can’t afford childcare, and beg for her sign-off. You’d be hard-pressed to find any piece of legislation without this faction’s fingerprints on it. Our representatives no longer answer to us—they wait hand and foot on the agenda of women who panhandle on the subway to eke out a better life for their underfed children.

One thing is clear: Their iron grip on our political system remains firm as ever, if not more so.


Needless to say, this is incredibly disheartening. How can we call ourselves a democracy if it only operates by the rules of all-powerful single-parent homeless families? Clearly, we’re in dire need of lobbying reform or else the king-makers and king-breakers of the Homeless Single Mothers lobby will never be held accountable for undermining the American people’s will.

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