Adults drinking Downy.

With teen culture changing every day, it can be tough for parents to get a grasp on what’s going on with their kids. But now, a new trend is sweeping the nation that’s getting moms and dads in touch with their internet-obsessed children: Parents across the country are drinking wine glasses full of Downy so they have something to talk about with their kids who eat Tide Pods.


Nice! These parents have really found their own way to relate to their sons and daughters.

While parents might not have initially understood the “Tide Pod Challenge” or why their kids were doing it, thousands of moms and dads have been cracking open a bottle of Downy, pouring it into wine glasses, and sipping it leisurely with each other this week. Sure, ingesting Tide Pods might seem foreign to many people over 40, but now that parents have started drinking detergents and getting their stomachs pumped just like their kids, many say they’re finally starting to get it.

“When my son first went into our laundry room and bit into a Tide Pod so he could post it to Twitter, we didn’t really have much to talk about, because I just didn’t understand,” said Debra Greenfield, a mother from Texas. “After my husband and I picked him up from the hospital, we knew we needed to do something. So we broke out the wine glasses and split a bottle of Downy together, and now, we’ve never been closer.”

“Now, we have so much to talk about,” she added. “From taste, to viscosity, to how long it took for us to pass out from the chemicals we ingested. It’s totally opened our eyes.”


Wow. This trend is truly bridging the gap between kids and their parents, which in this day and age, is not an easy task. Kudos to all the amazing moms and dads across the country who watched their teens eat Tide Pods, and instead of freaking out, found a gallon of Downy and raised a glass. Cheers!

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