Chaos: Williams-Sonoma Has Recalled Thousands Of Decorative Coffee-Table Bowls After Realizing They Look Much Better On A Shelf

Customers have long trusted Williams-Sonoma to supply them with tasteful, high-end home goods, but this story goes to show you that even well-respected brands can make huge mistakes: Williams-Sonoma has recalled thousands of decorative coffee-table bowls after realizing they look much better on a shelf.

Well, somebody’s getting fired for this one. Williams-Sonoma has got to be in major damage-control mode right about now.


The manufacturing disaster was discovered earlier this week when a Williams-Sonoma customer brought home an item labeled “vintage melamine coffee table bowl,” only to put it on a coffee table and find that its small circumference and delicate pleated design was much better suited for a bookshelf or wall fixture. The customer alerted Williams-Sonoma, and the company issued an urgent recall within hours asking customers to discard the bowls immediately to reduce the possibility of a catastrophic design faux pas.

“We were extremely disturbed to find out that these bowls have the potential to throw off the vibe of an entire living room if placed as directed, and urge all our customers to remove this model from their coffee tables immediately to ensure they don’t come off looking like they have a subpar eye for room flow,” reads the statement Williams-Sonoma posted on its website. “We apologize for the mistake, and are working on reviewing our entire inventory to ensure that we do not put customers in contact with any more coffee-table bowls that would create a more refined effect if placed elsewhere in the home.”

Wow—what a train wreck. We can only hope that Williams-Sonoma is able to regain its customers’ trust with better oversight in the future. Share this article to make sure that any of your friends who may have bought one of the recalled bowls takes the necessary steps to protect themselves!

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