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In 1995, recording artist Montell Jordan released his debut single, “This Is How We Do It.” The song quickly rocketed to No. 1 on the Billboard charts and has gone on to become one of the most iconic pop songs of the ’90s.

At first glance, “This Is How We Do It” might seem innocent, but it turns out that there may be more to Montell Jordan’s single than meets the eye. A video has recently surfaced online that points out some eerie details about “This Is How We Do It” that you might not have noticed before. Take a look:

As the video reveals, the word “ISIS,” the name of the terrorist organization currently spreading violence and destruction across the Middle East, is embedded numerous times within the lyrics of “This Is How We Do It.” As if that weren’t creepy enough, take a look at the song’s title. Notice anything familiar?


Is it possible that Montell Jordan knew back in 1995 about the rise of ISIS 19 years later? If so, is there a chance that he hid their name inside his R&B mega-hit as a warning of the chaos and brutality that were to come?

More importantly, if Montell Jordan knew about the impending rise of ISIS, then who else knew? Was anybody else in the United States government or the R&B community aware of the looming threat of the Islamic State? If so, why didn’t they take measures to prevent the rise of ISIS when they had the chance?

As a nation, we must demand answers. The American people deserve an explanation for the mysterious role of ISIS in “This Is How We Do It,” and we must hold the United States government and R&B recording artist Montell Jordan accountable.


The answer is out there somewhere, and we must uncover it.

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