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Movie lovers everywhere, get ready to celebrate, because a lost treasure of cinema is finally going to see the light of day! After more than 20 years since Forrest Gump first appeared in theaters, Paramount Pictures is finally releasing the original director’s cut of the movie, complete with the sound of loose change jangling in Forrest Gump’s pockets while he runs.

If you love the art of cinema like we do, then this is incredible news!

Director Robert Zemeckis has long said that this original cut of Forrest Gump with the sound of clanking coins is the definitive edition of the film, but sadly the studio recut the movie without his permission prior to its original theatrical release. Fans were left with an edition of Forrest Gump that compromised the director’s artistic vision. But now, with this restored edition, we’ll finally get to experience this beloved masterpiece the way that its director originally intended!


From what we can tell, the restored film is absolutely glorious. The sound of change clanging around in Forrest’s pockets has even been digitally remastered for maximum volume and clarity. There isn’t a single step Forrest takes that doesn’t result in a beautifully crisp sound of coins jostling around in his pockets.

If you want a taste of what you can expect from the restored cut of this beloved classic, check out the promotional video below:

Absolutely incredible. If you’re a fan of filmmaking and truly admire the director’s craft, then you owe it to yourself to check out this new edition of Forrest Gump. Once you hear the sound of change jangling in Forrest’s pockets, you’ll never want to go back to the original!

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