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Coming Clean: Jason Statham Tearfully Admitted Yesterday That He Did His Own Stunts

Oof. This may be a tough one for fans to hear, but the film world was dealt a harsh dose of truth yesterday when action star Jason Statham admitted that he did all his own stunts and has been doing so for the majority of his career.

Though rumors have swirled for years, the 48-year-old English actor had never addressed them head-on until a press conference yesterday, where a visibly emotional Statham struggled to deliver his prepared statement.


“It was all me: I drove the car on top of the train in The Transporter; I fought the guy on the helicopter in Crank,” said Statham, who was flanked by family members and representatives. “For years I’ve kept this hidden from audiences, but I hope I can repair the damage I’ve done by admitting now that I did those stunts. Snatch; Death Race; The Expendables. It was me every time.”

Wow. However you feel now about the Furious 7 star, you have to admit it takes guts to lay it all out like that.

Statham’s fans have been weighing in ever since his announcement, and the responses run the gamut:


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