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Well, this is awesome.

While some corporations are still dragging their heels about featuring diversity in their advertising, others are boldly facing forward—and making a statement in the process. And leading the pack is Necco Wafers, which just pledged to feature a person of color the next time it makes a commercial!


Wow. This rules!

“When you open up a roll of Necco Wafers, you see the colors of the rainbow,” said Necco spokeswoman Michelle Graber in a press release this morning. “That’s what America looks like, and we believe our advertising should reflect that. So the next time you see a commercial for Necco Wafers on your TV, whenever that may be, we promise you’ll see more than just white faces enjoying America’s favorite treat.”

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This is exactly the kind of proactive step toward inclusivity all companies should be taking, especially those that advertise with any regularity. By holding themselves accountable eventually, Necco has shown that it’s not enough to just talk about diversity; somewhere down the line, you’ve got to walk the walk.


Necco has yet to release any details, dates, or plans for any advertising, but when the time comes, it’s sure to make a splash. We can’t wait to see what they come up with!

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