Illustration for article titled Extremely Unhelpful: This Poster For A Missing Child Features Nothing But A Close-Up Photo Of The Kid’s Eyeball

A pretty big emergency is currently unfolding, but unfortunately no one’s really sure how to deal with it due to a frustrating lack of information: This poster for a missing child features nothing but a really close-up photo of the kid’s eyeball.


This is not useful at all! We need a better photo than this, STAT!

The poster, which went up on a single telephone poll in Indianapolis this morning, simply says “MISSING BOY” at the top without providing the child’s name, a physical description, or any information whatsoever about his disappearance. The sole visual on the poster is an extremely close-up photograph of one of the child’s eyeballs, along with a caption noting that “his eye looks different from this now.”

The only other information provided is an urgent plea that reads, “IF YOU FIND THE BOY, USE A PHONE TO CALL THE CORRECT MAN.” Overall, it’s honestly just not enough to go on. Maybe just take a look at the eyeballs of all the little boys you see on the street today and see if they kind of look like the eyeball on this poster. In all likelihood, though, this kid will probably never be found unless his parents or the police or whoever originally put up the poster provide some details that are actually helpful.

God, this is maddening!

While we really want to do our part to find this kid, we don’t even know where to start. Fucking Christ. Just throw us a bone here. Or, you know what, honestly, forget it. This kid’s done for. The poster just sucks too much, and there’s no way we’re getting a happy ending with this one. Hopefully next time a kid goes missing, the people leading the search effort will actually include the child’s name or a full picture of his face or literally anything that could be helpful in locating him.


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