A beautiful act of compassion to save a stranger’s life.

Wow! Sometimes people see a fellow human in need and they go above and beyond to help. Yesterday was one of those days.

It was a normal Tuesday on the screaming red bus for the commuters speeding down Clark Street in Omaha, NE. But then the bus driver noticed something troubling: A house was burning down.


This good Samaritan reacted immediately, pulling the shrieking, flashing commuter bus onto the curb in front of the house fire. The commuters didn’t protest or complain, but instead wasted no time, donning protective fireproof clothing and rushing into the building to save the people inside. It was a beautiful display of compassion from people who were just trying to ride the loud, angry bus to their jobs in the morning.

And that wasn’t all. These selfless passengers took the time out of their howling commutes to figure out a way to actually fight the fire by attaching one of the bus hoses to the little muscular red robot that was hanging out on the street.

Awesome! The helpful bus passengers were even able to hack this street-bot:


Soon, paramedics arrived on the scene in a Horton 553 Type I Ambulance to administer first aid to the house’s occupants. The bus riders, who didn’t need any credit or recognition for their beautiful deed, simply got back on their blinking, hooting hellbus and went on with their days.

Faith in humanity officially restored.