Well, it looks like someone at Kotex deserves a raise! According to the company, they’ve got a new product in the works that we’re seriously excited about: A new tampon that’s specifically designed so that young boys can drop it into the toilet and watch it explode.

Whoa, awesome!

At last, boys who have never seen a tampon up close before can check out a tampon for maximum wow factor. Boys can feel comfortable chucking these tampons in a toilet with their friends and letting the show begin. With easy-to-follow instructions guiding them through the process of dropping the tampons into a toilet during recess, boys everywhere will be able to get in on the fun, even if they don’t have an older sister.


“This is an exciting chance to introduce tampons to a whole new demographic,” said Carol Tanner, VP of product development. “We’ve put a lot of work into making these tampons extra absorbent, so the moment you drop them in the toilet, they really go crazy. It all looks very cool.”

Designed to be comfortably handled by elementary and middle-school boys, the tampons feature red applicators shaped like sticks of dynamite and come spring-loaded so they plop right in there and explode. Once these new tampons hit stores in late October, they will be sold in specially marked four-packs, so the whole gang can try tossing one in and gaping as it blows up in the water.

What a great new development! Way to go, Kotex!