Finally! They’re Adding A Female President To Mount Rushmore

It’s about time!

Next time you go to Mount Rushmore, you may notice something different: Along with the sculpted heads of four male U.S. presidents, there’s now going to be a female president on the historic landmark!


Yep! They’re finally breaking up the boys club. On Monday, the Department of the Interior began work to add a female commander-in-chief to the iconic South Dakota mountain face, with crews already making tremendous headway on the final product.

Take a look:

Amazing. Regardless of your gender, this is news that should definitely make you proud to be an American.

There’s no denying the majesty and ingenuity of Mount Rushmore as it currently stands, but the lack of a female president up there in 2015 was definitely starting to become noticeable – not to mention problematic. It’s a testament to how far we’ve advanced as a society that a woman can now appear alongside the likes of Teddy Roosevelt and George Washington.


Just think what a source of inspiration this will be to young girls, who will finally get a chance to see themselves reflected among the faces on Mount Rushmore. Now, a little girl on vacation with her family can look up at this historic monument and see someone who looks like she does.

And who knows—that same little girl might just picture her own face up there one day!


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