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There isn’t always a tissue nearby when you have a stuffy nose. If you’re stuck at a formal occasion like a board meeting or funeral, you might not be able to leave and search for a box of tissues. Fortunately Kleenex is stepping in to help with a new dress shirt made entirely of tissue paper, so it’s okay to blow your nose into it.

FINALLY. This is a godsend for anyone with allergies or nursing a cold.

The Kleenex Shirt is sewn out of thick three-ply tissue, so it’s sturdy enough to be worn as a garment, and promises to survive up to 500 nose-blowings before it’s too moist to stay intact. You can wipe trickles of mucus on the cuffs or pull the shirt over your face when you feel a sneeze coming on. You can even help out sick friends or coworkers by letting them blow their noses into your back.


That sounds like it’ll be handy next time there’s a bug going around the office!

Kleenex is advertising its shirt as the “ultimate combination of nasal care and style,” because it’s enhanced with aloe vera extract for sensitive skin and is hand-stitched by expert Italian tailors. While pictures online suggest that this new line of shirts does not feature phlegm gutters sewn into the collars for a quick snot rocket, overall the Kleenex Shirt looks like it’s a product that won’t let you down when you have the sniffles in the boardroom or are delivering your dad’s eulogy.

Perhaps the dress shirt’s best feature is that it’s fully reversible. When the outside gets completely covered with snot, you can wear it inside out and keep blowing your nose on a clean surface.

At a starting price of just $100 for a box of five disposable shirts, this seems like a pretty affordable way to beat a stuffy nose and dress for success. You might even start wearing the Kleenex Shirt at client meetings, weddings, or galas when your nose isn’t gushing like a leaky faucet. It makes us wonder whether Kleenex will keep making regular tissues, because we can’t imagine anyone buying those anymore.


Correction: An earlier version of this article stated that the Kleenex Shirt is sewn from two-ply tissue. It is actually three-ply tissue.

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