Good News! We’ve Created As A Communal Email Address For You All To Share

Here’s an exciting new feature you’ll definitely love. We’re proud to announce the first official email address for our readers.

That’s right! One totally free, totally fun email for everyone. Please use it for any ClickHole-related emails you need to send or receive. Here is the login information:


Password: EmailFun

Get excited! This is your portal to a thriving online community of ClickHole readers messaging each other and their friends, all from one handy email account! is the property of all ClickHole readers to use however they see fit.

All we ask is that you keep the password private, and only share it with other ClickHole readers. We don’t want just anybody using the account!

So, what are you waiting for? Log in and start emailing. And don’t forget to share screenshots of the best emails you send from with the hashtag #ClickHoleEmail.



Someone changed the password.

The new email address is

That’s ClickHoles with an ‘s.’

If you want the password to the account, please email and we will send it to you. Thanks!


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