Justice At Last: Dartmouth Is Awarding Bill Cosby An Honorary Degree So That They Can Revoke It

It’s about time.

As support continues to wane for disgraced comedian Bill Cosby, Dartmouth College announced this week that it would be awarding the comedian an honorary degree just so that they can rescind it.


More than 50 women to date have come forward to accuse Cosby of sexual misconduct, prompting the university’s honorary degrees committee to formally recognize the Cosby Show star’s contributions to comedy and African-American culture before swiftly repealing the honor the following day.

“Based on Mr. Cosby’s actions, we feel that we have no choice but to give him this award on November 9th and then take it away the following morning,” said Dartmouth College president Phillip J. Hanlon in a statement Wednesday. “We feel it is only appropriate that Dartmouth honors Mr. Cosby’s contributions to entertainment and the portrayal of African Americans in the media, and then immediately announce that his behavior was deplorable and that he does not stand for the values of Dartmouth.”


The evening will consist of a VIP banquet honoring Bill Cosby’s influence through more than five decades of stand-up comedy, a screening of his greatest moments from film and television, and the presentation of the award, followed quickly by a press release taking the award away.

It may be too late to take Cosby to court, but hopefully by awarding him one of its highest accolades and then stripping it from him immediately, Dartmouth can play a crucial role in ruining his legacy for good!


Justice served.

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