The 2016 presidential campaigns are heating up, and Democratic and Republican candidates alike are now working to secure supporters. With hopefuls vying for endorsements from their respective parties’ luminaries, one Democratic frontrunner has just scored a major coup: FDR’s bones have appeared on Hillary Clinton’s lawn!

This is massive. The 32nd president’s bones are finally here, and they’ve given Hillary a major vote of confidence!


In the hours since the skeleton showed up one morning in the front yard of the Clintons’ Washington, D.C. residence, pundits have already started speculating that this might just prove crucial come 2016!

And the internet is abuzz with the news!


As for any doubters out there, radon testing has confirmed that this heap of time-yellowed bones do in fact belong to the long-dead President Roosevelt! Look out, Republicans: This endorsement is the real deal!

It remains to be seen how long the bones will stay on the Clintons’ lawn, but they have sent a clear and unambiguous message. When voters turn out to the polls, they’ll know that the bones of FDR stand behind Hillary Clinton all the way!