Nice Try: Harvey Weinstein Apparently Thought A Chef’s Hat Was An Elaborate Enough Disguise To Sneak Back Into The Miramax Offices

Despite being outed as a serial sexual predator and effectively banished from the Hollywood establishment, it appears that Harvey Weinstein still can’t take a hint. The disgraced entertainment mogul was just dragged away by security after he apparently thought that a chef’s hat was an elaborate enough disguise to sneak back into the Miramax offices.

You’re going to have to try harder than that, Harvey!

Weinstein hasn’t been permitted to return to Miramax since he was fired as the studio’s CEO following a barrage of sexual misconduct allegations, but early this morning the disgraced producer attempted to return to his old office by putting on a chef’s hat in an attempt to render himself unrecognizable to studio security. According to an internal Miramax security report, Weinstein, who made no other attempts to alter his appearance beyond donning the tall white hat, introduced himself as “Chef Glandsard Helmutt” and attempted to make his way to the executive suite where he used to work.


The report also indicates that Weinstein told studio security that he had been hired at Miramax to “cook up a slab of Glandsard Helmutt’s famous steak for everyone.”

Unfortunately for Weinstein, this rudimentary costume and flimsy backstory was not nearly elaborate enough to fool Miramax security, and he was apprehended and forcibly removed from the studio grounds before he could even get through the door. Bystanders say that, as he was getting dragged away, Weinstein ripped off his chef’s hat and shouted, “It was me the whole time! The man you knew as Chef Glandsard Helmutt was none other than your old boss Harvey Weinstein!” seemingly under the impression that this was a shocking reveal.

Oof. This is definitely pretty embarrassing. Looks like Harvey Weinstein’s going to have to put far more effort into concealing his identity if he ever wants to sneak back into Miramax. He’s just learned the hard way that one chef’s hat is simply not going to fool anybody.

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