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If you’re like the rest of the internet, you’re probably OBSESSED with Serial. The new podcast from This American Life producer Sarah Koenig reopens the case of a 1999 Baltimore murder, and it tells the story in a groundbreaking new way: by releasing a new episode each week. Serial’s totally insane popularity has us wondering if it could spell success for another show that is telling its story using the same unique week-by-week structure: USA’s legal drama Suits.

Could Suits be the next Serial?

The show has everything fans of Serial could hope for. Just like Serial, a new episode of Suits is released once a week. And even though the series is broken up into these bite-size chunks, each episode is just one part of a larger story that they tell over the course of the season about a hotshot lawyer and his protégé, who possesses a remarkable photographic memory.


Let’s see: One story. Told week by week. Sound familiar, Serial fans?

That’s right: Suits is basically just a TV version of Serial. With a weekly serialized structure and a story that stretches the length of an entire season, Suits seems poised to become the next cultural phenomenon that everyone and their grandma is completely obsessed with. And guess what else? Its producers are even getting businesses to advertise during the show, just like Serial does with MailChimp.

Start working on your Suits theories, guys! Because pretty soon, this hour-long drama about corporate lawyers living in New York is gonna be all anybody in your office wants to talk about.

At least, that seems to be what the producers of Suits are banking on. In an era of binge-watching, they’re taking a huge risk by employing this bold new storytelling device. But we wouldn’t be surprised if fans of Serial fall head over heels in love with USA’s Suits.


They’ll have to wait, though! The season isn’t set to premiere until August 2015! In the meantime, enjoy the final episodes of Serial, and prepare to get hooked on Suits!

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