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National polls show Hillary Clinton with a commanding lead over Donald Trump that only seems to be getting bigger with each passing day. It’s clear that the Democratic nominee has bought into this polling data, because even though there are two weeks to go until the election, Hillary Clinton has started hurling trash bags full of her clothes over the White House fence.

Wow. Maybe a bit premature, Madam Secretary?

Where conventional politics would dictate that a candidate be stumping in key battleground states right now, Clinton has instead been chucking garbage bag after garbage bag full of her clothes right onto the White House lawn since early this morning. Once she returns in her U-Haul with the last loads, she’ll officially be done with her wardrobe, and it begs the question: Is the presidential frontrunner getting ahead of herself?


There’s no doubt that Trump’s path to victory requires the nearly Herculean feat of flipping Pennsylvania and Ohio, but Clinton is tempting fate every time she tosses a bundle of shoes she’s taped together over the White House fence. In a truly audacious move, Clinton has even thrown a bag labeled “HILLARY C’S INAUGURATION BALL GOWNS.” The only thing seeming to stress the Democratic candidate out right now is that one garbage bag got snagged on the White House fence, spilling cabana clothes all over the lawn and now they’re blowing around everywhere.

Uh, yeah. The election isn’t until November 8, Mrs. Clinton, so maybe hold off on sliding your rugs through the fence slits.

Well, you can certainly tell Clinton is liking her chances. She may very well soon be on the other side of that White House fence, collecting her clothing and several smashed appliances she heaved over it. But until the people vote, Hillary Clinton would be wise to head back out on the campaign trail.

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