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Harry Potter fans, get ready to fall in love with the magical world of Hogwarts all over again, because something totally awesome is happening to the series: J.K. Rowling just announced that all seven Harry Potter books are set to be re-released with every word in italics.


Hell. Yes. Even if you have the other editions, you’ll definitely want to get your hands on these.

The limited-edition books will still tell the same story that captured the heart of a generation, but now every single word of the magical tale will also be in italics to give it more emphasis. From the title on the cover to the last sentence of the epilogue, J.K. Rowling has painstakingly gone over the original text of the books to ensure that every single word of her beloved series is faithfully converted to italics.

Check out J.K. Rowling’s announcement via Twitter:

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Um, yeah, that rules. And don’t worry, audiobook fans, you’re being taken care of, too: The narrator of the new edition will read the book twice as fast and four times louder than normal to capture the essence of the italics. So if you’re a fan of Harry Potter, you might as well start camping outside a bookstore now, because these are definitely going to be flying off the shelves. J.K. Rowling, you’ve done it again!

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