OxyContin for bereavement.

As the tragic opioid crisis in our country claims more and more lives every day, an increasing number of Americans are dealing with the anguish of watching a friend or family member with a painkiller addiction succumb to a fatal overdose. Thankfully, one of the most influential opioid manufacturers in the world is stepping up to help solve this epidemic: Purdue Pharma has released a new type of Oxycontin to help ease the pain of losing a loved one to Oxycontin.


Good on Purdue for tackling this devastating issue head-on.

The pharmaceutical giant is marketing the new Oxycontin for Bereavement, which contains the same amount of oxycodone as its original Oxycontin medication, as a continuous-relief solution for the intense pain that comes with watching a loved one’s life deteriorate and come to an end as a result of painkiller addiction. Purdue has already sent reps to hospitals nationwide, instructing doctors to look for signs of grief and depression in patients who have found their son’s lifeless body after he ingested a lethal amount of Oxycontin, and prescribe a dose of the Oxycontin for Bereavement to dull the intense emotional trauma.


This is incredible news. It’s fantastic to see a big pharmaceutical company that truly cares about its impact on society.

“Big-pharma lobbying and overprescription have sadly created an addiction crisis where people are losing parents, siblings, children, and friends to opioids every day,” said Jonathan Sackler, a member of the board of directors at Purdue. “If your family member tragically passes away from snorting a huge dose of crushed-up painkillers after gradually ruining all their relationships chasing the high of Oxycontin, let Oxycontin for Bereavement help you manage your grief.”


With hundreds of fatal overdoses on drugs like Oxycontin, heroin, and fentanyl happening every day, the toll that the opioid crisis has taken on our nation cannot be overstated. Purdue’s new Oxycontin drug is an enormous win for public health—and shows that Purdue Pharma is a company that genuinely wants the best for the customers it serves. So thank you, Purdue, for understanding the problem and caring enough to help.

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