Here’s something that will remind you that this world is always full of surprises: For centuries, people across the earth have claimed to see mermaids, but as compelling as some of these claims have been, there’s never been any evidence to back them up.

Until today!

Earlier this morning in Kitty Hawk, NC, beachgoers were witness to something that will likely go down in history: Half of a woman washed up on the shore, and all signs point to her being a real-life mermaid!



That’s right! According to reports, this woman has long, flowing hair, the upper body of a beautiful woman, and no lower human half. Pretty much everything about her seems suggestive of a mermaid! We’ll just have to wait for someone to find her tail to know for sure.


What an awesome treasure from the deep! Let’s just hope that this isn’t the last of these types of sightings.