A scientist giving a presentation.

All you science geeks out there are going to want to listen up, because there’s some pretty important news coming out of Stanford University, where scientists are urging the public not to forget that there’s a whole worm world going on beneath us all the time.


Awesome. What a great reminder that, rain or shine, worms are under our feet going about their business!

“Please don’t forget that whether you are fast asleep or hard at work, at all times there are millions of worms sliding around on their bellies down in the ground, digging tunnels for their magnificent, sprawling worm world,” Dr. Melissa Thayer from Stanford’s zoology department said in a press conference this morning. “The average person almost never gives thought to the fact that as they go about their day-to-day human lives above ground, a whole world of worms is squiggling around underground in the mud and dirt. This must change,” Dr. Thayer continued.

The researchers have also stressed how important it is for humans to think about how worms have their own lives going on down in the dirt, and stressed that just because they’re underground where we can’t see them, that doesn’t mean that worms are just waiting around doing nothing, and instead they are always busy constructing their vast subterranean worm society. They also announced that even this very second, worms beneath us are busy laying eggs and looking for worm food for worm dinner while we go about our own life above the surface.

Incredible. Major kudos to Dr. Thayer and her team for doing their part to ensure that people around the globe don’t get so caught up in their own lives that they forget about all the things going on with worms. This is just more proof that science is the coolest thing ever!


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