Serious About His Craft: Dave Franco Has Lost 100 Pounds And Is Learning To Ballroom Dance In Hopes That A Role Comes Around That Calls For That

While many actors claim to dedicate themselves to their characters, only the greats rise to the occasion and completely transform into the person they’re portraying. Well, it looks like you can now add Dave Franco to that list of truly committed method actors, because he’s lost 100 pounds and is learning to ballroom dance in the hopes that a role comes around that calls for that.

Absolutely incredible. Dave Franco just proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that he’s deeply serious about his craft.

Rumors began swirling earlier this week after a severely emaciated Franco was photographed leaving an Arthur Murray dance studio in North Hollywood, prompting many to ponder what was behind the dramatic transformation. Publicists quickly confirmed that Franco is in fact just covering his bases should the role of a rail-thin ballroom dancer ever be offered to him.

While most actors settle for makeup and CGI, Franco appears to be going all-in on this hypothetical character. In addition to the weight loss and eight hours of dance lessons daily, he’s also been spotted on campus at The Learning Annex, where he is reportedly enrolled in classes for Tagalog, just in case a movie ever gets written that calls for a 98-pound ballroom dancer from the Philippines. Talk about striving for perfection!

Franco’s unrivaled dedication to his craft truly sets him apart from his peers, with many critics agreeing that if he ever films this to-be-determined role, he’d be an easy Best Actor frontrunner for his courageous and truly convincing portrayal of whoever this character ends up being. The sacrifices that Franco has made to physically and mentally transform himself for this nonexistent role puts him in a class by himself, assuming a major studio ends up shooting a movie about an anorexic dance teacher, or possibly a man who starves to death after getting locked in his own tango studio.

It’s so inspiring to see an actor who’s willing to make such drastic sacrifices for the sake of his art. Here’s hoping that someone ends up writing a role for Dave Franco that requires him to be very thin and good at ballroom dancing, because there’s no doubt that after his massive weight loss and incessant dance training, he’s ready to deliver a truly moving and flawless performance!


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