Internet, get ready to make your voice heard! One of our favorite companies is giving customers the ability to shape its next product via Twitter, and you are not gonna want to miss out: Monsanto just announced that it is letting the public vote online for how much alligator DNA will get put into this year’s grape harvest.

Yep! Monsanto just announced the poll on Twitter this morning, and already, thousands of people have logged on and voiced their ideal ratio of grape to alligator genetic material for 2018. Check out the poll below:


Do you want grapes that are mostly grapes with just a little bit of gator mixed in? Or do you want gator grapes that are basically just alligators with some grape DNA left over? According to Monsanto, grapes can stay pretty much the same, or they can make grapes grow teeth and eyes and thrash in your mouth when you chew them!

Whatever Monsanto ultimately goes with, it’s awesome that the company is giving power to the people. Haven’t voted yet? Take the poll and select how much alligator DNA grapes should contain from now on! The future of grapes is in your hands!