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Someone Overdubbed ‘The Godfather’ With The ‘Donkey Kong’ Soundtrack And Francis Ford Coppola Has Vowed Revenge


Things may not end well for one content creator, whose painstaking scene-by-scene mashup of The Godfather with the Donkey Kong Country soundtrack has director Francis Ford Coppola thirsty for vengeance.


Take a look:


Any director would be upset, but Coppola is taking action. Shortly after the Donkey Kong–Godfather cut went up online, the 76-year-old reportedly hit the road with a toolbox and an attaché case in his passenger seat, headed east. That was three days ago; he hasn’t been seen or heard from since.

The Coppola estate has released the following statement:

“To whoever is responsible for the altered version of The Godfather currently circulating: In light of damages recently done to his filmic masterpiece, Francis has chosen to pursue retribution. His actions are his own. He is a man of tremendous resources and extraordinary drive and foresight, and we hope he finds the peace he deserves.”

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