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Superfan: This Man Has Agreed To Be Murdered To Ensure A Second Season Of ‘Serial’

Are you already dreading the end of Serial? Well, Boston native and Serial superfan Justin Mayer will put your mind at ease. He’s agreed to be mysteriously murdered to ensure Serial has a second season as spellbinding as its first. Awesome!

We know every Serial-head just breathed a huge sigh of relief. Thank you, Justin! You are truly taking one for the team.

“I talk about Serial for hours every day: Adnan, Jay, the twists, the turns,” Justin told us. “I wanted to give back, which is why I will be enigmatically murdered sometime in the next few weeks to make sure that season two of Serial will happen, and that it will be just as epic as the first one.”


“I just love Serial so much,” Justin added.

Biggest Serial fan ever? Justin Mayer says his murder will keep fans guessing!

While he has not contacted Serial host Sarah Koenig, Justin has instructed his family to email the public radio host as soon as his body is found on a beach, or even in an old factory. Justin won’t say exactly where his mangled corpse will turn up, but he did say it’s going to blow fans’ minds.

“I’m not gonna give away any spoilers, but keep an eye on my best friend Kyle, my girlfriend Lindsey, and of course, Mr. Q,” Justin explained. “You thought Adnan had secrets? I have a deeply troubled past that is gonna make season two really pop.”


Justin is also encouraging big Serial fans to head up to Boston so they can begin hunting for clues and testing theories as soon as his lifeless body is found. We’re already booking our tickets!

“When the crazy details surrounding my murder come out, the Nisha call is gonna look like baby stuff,” Justin teased. “Just you wait.”


If you’re like us, you’re already itching to know who will kill Justin, and why. Who will have the motive? Who will have the opportunity? We just can’t wait until Justin is killed!

“It’s gonna be so awesome,” said Justin. “I just wish I could be around to listen to it.”


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