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Taking A Stand: Reynolds Wrap Has Banned Daniel Tosh From Using Its Products Because Of His 2012 Rape Joke

Popular comedian and Comedy Central star Daniel Tosh is facing additional fallout from a controversial joke he made in 2012 suggesting it would be “funny” if a female heckler in his audience was gang-raped.

A recent statement issued by Reynolds Wrap has announced that because of the joke, Tosh is no longer permitted to use its products.

Here is the company’s statement:

“After three years of deliberation, we have instructed our vendors that they are no longer to sell Reynolds Wrap to Daniel Tosh. He is permanently banned from using Reynolds Wrap for any purpose.”

Ouch. Spokespeople for Reynolds went on to say that this ban extends to “all Reynolds Kitchens products, including oven bags, baking pans, and freezer paper, as well as all varieties of aluminum foil, including heavy-duty and non-stick,” so things are NOT looking good for the 40-year-old television host.

Tosh’s lawyer has acknowledged that he received the statement. While he has yet to publicly respond, several other comedians have already come to his defense on Twitter:


Reynolds has since clarified its stance to make it clear that the company is not condoning heckling:

“We at Reynolds believe that stand-up comedy is a performance and that comedians deserve as much respect as actors and other artists. Tosh’s reaction, however, was completely inappropriate. It is our firm belief that rape jokes are not funny.”


What do you think? Is Tosh getting his just desserts, or has Reynolds Wrap gone too far?

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