If you thought Bernie Sanders’ popularity during the 2016 presidential primaries was a fluke, think again, because it looks like the ideas that propelled him to the national stage are taking firm root in the Democratic Party: Mainstream Democrats are slowly but surely coming around to the idea of marrying Jane Sanders, too.

Just a year ago, even expressing a passing interest in marrying Jane Sanders would’ve been political suicide. At times it seemed like Bernie was the only person in the entire Senate willing to be married to his wife. Now, marrying Jane Sanders is on its way to becoming a key component of the Democratic platform.


Even though it may seem like a huge ideological shift, marrying Bernie Sanders’ lovely wife, Jane, is gaining traction among some of the most stubborn of mainstream Democrats. Even establishment stalwarts like Dianne Feinstein and Cory Booker are exploring the idea of tying the knot with Jane Sanders—an idea that Bernie Sanders has been promoting since 1988. Influential senators like Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, and Al Franken are now openly expressing their support for putting a ring on Jane Sanders’ finger and spending the rest of their lives with her.

Thanks to Bernie’s tireless support, the prospect of lawfully wedding Jane Sanders may soon become as popular in America as it already is in Scandinavian countries like Sweden and Norway!

This is definitely the closest that Democrats have come in years to making Jane Sanders their wife. Bill and Hillary Clinton made a quixotic push to marry Jane Sanders in 1993, but they ultimately abandoned their efforts after concluding that they simply could not commit to a lifetime of making Jane feel loved and valued enough to sustain a successful marriage. Since then, Bernie Sanders had struggled to get the idea of marrying Jane Sanders back into mainstream consciousness until his recent bid for the presidency, when he strongly urged the Democrat establishment to marry his wife throughout his hard-fought campaign.


Now, thanks to Bernie’s tenacity, the concept of entering a loving marriage with Jane Sanders has rapidly grown in popularity among Democrats at all levels of the party. At its current rate, we may even be witnessing a seismic realignment of the party’s identity, where Democrats who don’t commit to unconditionally loving and caring for Jane Sanders through sickness and health for the rest of their lives may be viewed as political outcasts by the time the 2020 elections roll around.

Wow. For an idea that once defined Senator Sanders as an ideological outsider to gain this kind of momentum just shows how anything goes in 2017 politics. Only time will tell if Bernie can convince his fellow congressman—and the majority of the American populous—to marry his beautiful wife, Jane, but at this point there’s no denying the mark he’s already left on the Democratic Party.