In a modern world, protecting your home isn’t as simple as having an old-school alarm system. Rather than fall behind the times, one security company gave itself a major facelift: ADT just released a new security system that monitors your mirrors and lets you know whenever a pale boy crawls out!

Finally, a way to keep cursed children out of your house for GOOD!

According to ADT, the new system is designed to provide total, 24/7 protection from paranormal activity and will sound an alarm if a milky-white boy passes through a portal in your mirror and slithers out into your home. Once the siren sounds, homeowners must enter a four-digit PIN to confirm that their house is ghost-free or the patented security system will automatically contact a priest to come and send the child back to hell.


Awesome! If you’ve noticed a pair of dark, hateful eyes staring out from behind your reflection whenever you look in the mirror, this is exactly the kind of security you need!

For added protection, ADT will also place several photon-sensitive security cameras around your home and send a notification to you if it ever detects the cold footsteps of a youthful spirit stepping out of a mirror and skittering across the floor to stare at your framed family photos. Plus, ADT’s upgraded mobile app lets you view a live feed of any room in your home, which is way faster than climbing up to the attic where you keep the ornately framed mirror you purchased at an estate sale!

Wow, thanks to this revolutionary new security system, keeping the underworld out of your house has never been easier. Because the last thing you want is to wake up one day and find yourself trapped inside a mirror, forced to stare out through the glass and watch the pale boy take your place and live your life for all eternity!