His name may mean nothing to you now, but Craig Ferland has all the makings of the next big thing. Between his outside-the-box thinking, general affability, and how much your mom likes dating him, one thing’s for sure: Craig is gonna be playing a big part in your life. And soon.

You may think of Craig as just the guy you were forced to say hi to when he came by your house to pick up your mom for dinner last week, but soon he’ll be everywhere: your living room, your kitchen, and your basement, where your Xbox is. Craig has all the makings of being the next household name.


Craig is mature, reliable, and knows how to make your mom laugh, even when she’s feeling down. That all adds up to Craig sticking around for the long haul. There’s simply no place for your dad in 2014. That’s the old way of thinking, and now a new, thrilling era is beginning. Craig’s time is happening right now, and he’s making the most of it.

Craig isn’t trying to replace your dad, as so many before him have. He’s his own man, and that’s what makes him so intriguing.

If you thought Craig taking you and your mom out to the bowling alley a couple weekends ago was a one-time deal, you don’t know Craig. He’s full of new and exciting ideas like that. Don’t be surprised if Craig drops by the house one of these nights with a pepperoni pizza, then helps you with your algebra homework after dinner. It’s that personal touch that separates Craig from guys like Michael, or Derek, or Chris.


Still not convinced? Just wait: In a few months, you won’t remember a time when Craig wasn’t involved in nearly every aspect of your life. Just give him a chance. Your mom deserves happiness.