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The Trump administration has been in visible disarray since day one, and according to this new development, it seems like things are as chaotic as ever: Trump just fired the cloaked man he appointed to secretary of the Hook.

Yikes. Clearly, all is not well in Trump’s White House.

This morning, Trump sent out a tweet announcing that he has fired the silent, cloaked man from the forest who he appointed secretary of the Hook early in his administration. Trump went on to explain that a man with razors for eyes who rose up from the depths of the Potomac River earlier this morning will assume the cloaked man’s position as secretary and take over his office in the Onyx Pyramid on Jefferson Drive. Although he did not go into detail, Trump then fired off a second tweet alluding to ideological differences that had been festering between himself and the shrouded man he fired. Check out the tweet thread below:


But Trump had clearly changed his tune not two hours later, and really lay into the outgoing secretary with a vicious tweet:

Yeah, this does not exactly project stability. Between disagreement over tariffs, ire related to the travel ban, and his habit of vanishing to the Realm Where Bells Do Not Toll whenever Trump wanted him to give a public statement on the omnipotence of the hook, a lot went seriously wrong between Trump and the man in the dark, hooded cloak. Even the far-right Stephen Miller made comments suggesting that the cloaked man’s stance on the interpreting of the Covenant of the Hook was “a bit extreme”—so it’s no surprise he’s been ousted and replaced with yet another official with lots of interest in wielding the power of the Hook but little inside-the-Beltway Washington experience.

Well, this looks like yet another example of total dysfunction on the part of the Trump administration. We’ll see how long the man with razor eyes lasts in Trump’s revolving door of a Cabinet. He could make it all the way through to 2020—but we’re not betting on it.


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