Yes! Planet Fitness Is Adding Ceiling-Mounted TVs For When You Give Up During Crunches And Lie There Pathetically Staring Upward For 10 Minutes

We all know that going to the gym can be a truly daunting experience, but thankfully one gym is doing its part to make exercising more welcoming for everyone: Planet Fitness is adding ceiling-mounted TVs for when you give up doing crunches and lie there pathetically staring upward for 10 minutes.

Hell to the yes! Looks like working out just got a whole lot better!

Planet Fitness will be installing rows of wide-screen TVs on the ceiling right above the parts of its gyms where members typically drag foam mats out with the intention of doing sit-ups before quickly realizing the mats are pretty comfortable and would be a nice place to zone out for a significant chunk of time instead of exercising. Now when you reach those points in your workout when it’s time to abandon your crunches so you can splay out limply on the floor and just sort of pathetically gaze at the ceiling with your mouth slightly open, you’ll still be able to stay entertained with your favorite TV shows!


“At Planet Fitness, we know that every now and then you need to abruptly give up on crunches because they’re uncomfortable and boring, but for the longest time, it was impossible to see our gym’s TV sets while you lie helplessly on your back like a slug dying on a hot driveway,” Planet Fitness said in a message on its website announcing the new ceiling-mounted TVs. “By putting televisions on all the ceilings of our world-class gyms, we’ve made it easier than ever to flop pitiably onto the floor in the middle of basic exercises.”

Well, that sounds absolutely perfect to us! It’s awesome to see Planet Fitness going out of its way to make its facilities a little more accommodating for when members want to take a gigantic, humiliating break to lie on their back in the middle of a low-intensity fitness routine. This is exactly what we needed!

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