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A Noble Cause: This Teen Is Making GIFs For Movies And TV Shows In Need

When May rolls around, most 14-year-olds are following their favorite baseball team or counting down the days until summer vacation. But Ethan Drexler is a different kind of high schooler—one who is constantly thinking about how to help others. And that’s why he’s been dedicating his free time to making GIFs of movies and TV shows that are in dire need of them.

Wow. Inspiring!

We’re all familiar with reaction GIFs from Frozen and Friends, but have you ever seen an “I can’t even right now” reaction GIF from Dr. Sydney Hansen on Providence? Well, now you can, with the incredible GIF Ethan made below, which is just one of hundreds he’s made:


Simply amazing.

“I noticed that my friends share a lot of Katniss Everdeen and Family Guy GIFs, but Krippendorf’s Tribe has great GIFable moments too, and no one has ever taken the time to make those,” Ethan said. “I decided to change that, because these are incredible shows with amazing reactions and awesome quotes that just aren’t getting out into the world.”

Via Touchstone Pictures

Without Ethan’s hard work, this GIF would have never been possible.

Ethan isn’t asking anybody to abandon their favorite Parks And Recreation GIFs. He’s only asking for internet users to look beyond the usual mix of popular shows and use a Crossing Jordan one from time to time.


If you want to support Ethan, all he asks is that the next time you go to send a Girls GIF, use one of the equally deserving ones he’s made from the 2008 film The Rocker instead.

Via 20th Century Fox

Keep up the good work, Ethan!


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