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Cosmo Has Apologized For Publishing Its Controversial ‘10 Ways To Drive A Neo-Nazi Wild In The Sack’ List

While Cosmopolitan has never been a magazine that shies away from racy content, it seems like one of its latest pieces has really crossed the line. After receiving torrents of furious criticism from the public, Cosmo has apologized for publishing its controversial “10 Ways To Drive A Neo-Nazi Wild In The Sack” list.

Yikes. Cosmo’s got a serious PR disaster on its hands.

Cosmo’s controversial list, which ran in its November issue, immediately drew an outcry from both readers and the wider public, who accused the magazine of sympathizing with Nazis by spilling all the juicy details about the few simple tricks that could leave even the most hateful white supremacist howling with pleasure and begging for more. Critics also blasted Cosmo for failing to challenge neo-Nazis’ bigoted viewpoints while portraying these political extremists as average, everyday American citizens striving to launch their sex lives from “just all right” to “moaning all night.”


In response to the backlash, Cosmo’s editor in chief has issued an apology through social media:

“In our most recent issue of Cosmopolitan, we published ‘10 Ways To Drive A Neo-Nazi Wild In The Sack,’ an article that, on review, did not meet our editorial standards. Neo-Nazis espouse a hateful and divisive ideology and do not deserve toe-curling orgasms, nor the ultimate G-spot experience. We deeply regret any role we may have played in giving white supremacists the most intense nights of pleasure of their lives and promise to do better going forward.”


Looks like Cosmo just learned the hard way to think carefully about how it writes about the controversial subject of giving neo-Nazis the kind of sex that breaks the bed, rattles the walls, and makes the neighbors call. Now Cosmo’s editors can only hope their readers forgive them for their error in judgment.

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