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Disturbing: This Man Is Wearing Socks In The Grass

WARNING: Some readers may find the contents of this post upsetting.

Via an anonymous tipster comes a deeply disturbing photo of a man who, by all appearances, seems to be wearing socks in the grass. Taken in a suburb outside Olympia, WA, the picture captures a sock-wearing man who reportedly stepped out onto his front lawn sans shoes and stood there for almost five minutes.


From our source:

“Took this pic of my next door neigbor [sic] out on his lawn IN SOCKS earlier this afternoon. Couldn’t believe it. He was probably out there for at least four or five minutes waiting for his dog to use the bathroom. Sprinklers had gone on earlier and the grass was definitely a little wet, so I’m thinking his socks probably got a little damp at least.

“I don’t know him that well. He sorta keeps to himself, but every time I’ve talked to him he seemed normal enough. Not sure what to think now.”

While we haven’t been able to fully confirm that the unsettling image was not Photoshopped, we can only assume that the man was not in the right state of mind when the photo was taken. The fact is, there is no sane reason why anyone would ever want to go out in just socks. Even if your socks don’t get wet, they’ll probably get dirty, and there’s really no way you can walk around in the grass like that without it being an unpleasant experience.


You really hate to see stuff like this.

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