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Feminism In Action! Justin Trudeau Just Completed A 3-Week Fast In Honor Of The Vagina

Um, can Justin Trudeau get any more amazing?

When it comes to feminism, most male politicians just don’t get it. Luckily, Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau is not most male politicians. He proudly calls himself a feminist, but he doesn’t stop at mere words: He just completed a three-week fast in honor of the vagina.


Pay attention, politicians: This is how it’s done!

Trudeau’s commitment to the vagina is truly an inspiring feat, as his self-imposed hunger strike showed just how passionate he is about women’s issues. Even as he grew more exhausted and malnourished by the day, Trudeau never once considered breaking his fast until he had sufficiently paid homage to the vagina.


“From my mom to my wife, strong women have always supported and inspired me, and that is why I chose to starve myself in honor of the magnificent vagina,” said Trudeau in a recent TV interview. “I may be ending my fast, but I will never stop celebrating each and every glorious vagina that graces this earth.”

Wow. While our congressmen are closing Planned Parenthood clinics, Trudeau’s devotion to the vagina has all but clinched him the title of World’s Biggest Feminist. Hey, Canada, wanna trade?


For the past 21 days, Trudeau refused every morsel of food offered to him, even declining to eat at a state dinner he recently hosted for the prime minister of Japan. Instead, he could often be found sitting cross-legged on the floor of his office solemnly repeating the word “vagina” to himself. Through it all, one thing became clear: Nobody respects the vagina as much as Justin Trudeau does.

Okay, so he’s young, hot, and he just showed his complete reverence for the vagina by denying himself everything but ice shavings for three weeks? This is truly something to celebrate. We applaud you, Mr. Trudeau. We can’t wait to see how you champion women’s rights next!


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