A hand with Trojan condoms on each finger.

In the cutthroat world of marketing, companies have to make sure their advertisements are even better than amazing if they really want to stand out. Recently, Trojan was able to cut through the noise with its newest ad campaign that points out that you can also put condoms on your fingers to pick up dead bugs.


Wow. This is truly a massive marketing win for Trojan condoms!

Trojan launched its innovative ad campaign in a TV spot last week featuring an attractive man slowly unwrapping five Trojan condoms and putting them over his fingers while his girlfriend watches from a nearby bed. He then leans over to pick up a dead cockroach lying on his carpet before looking into the camera, winking, and announcing in a particularly sultry voice that Trojan condoms are just as good for picking up lifeless insects as they are for preventing STDs.

We’ve got to give it up for the marketing executives at Trojan, because they hit this one out of the park. This new campaign is an electrifying and forward-thinking way of showing the world that Trojan condoms are more than just a reliable way to ensure safe, pleasurable sex, but are also the perfect tool for popping onto the tips of your fingers to pick up disgusting insect carcasses you see on the floor. The ad writers who came up with this one deserve a pretty big raise, because in a few weeks, for pretty much every single person in America, the name Trojan condoms is going to be synonymous with safely picking desiccated wasps off your windowsill.

So far the most-watched ad in Trojan’s new campaign has been YouTube preroll in which a woman on her knees methodically swats cockroach after cockroach with a rolled-up newspaper over sensual music while her boyfriend sits next to her picking up the bugs’ remains with his Trojan-covered fingers and throwing them in the trash one at a time. In the final seconds of the ad, the Trojan logo appears with the tagline “Only Trojan can provide protection you can trust for sex, but also for picking up gross, dead bugs.”

Absolutely amazing. If you’re in the advertising business, take note, because thanks to this incredible new campaign, every time a consumer finds a smashed dragonfly on the ground that they want to pick up to throw away or just to look very closely at, they’re going to pick up a box of Trojan condoms to protect their fingertips while they pluck it up. This is hands down one of the best ad campaigns of the year.


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