If you’re looking for proof that there is life after death, look no further than the incredible story of Jonathan Stowell.

In the middle of an emergency surgery the 10-year-old’s heart stopped beating, and it looked like they had lost him. What happened to Jonathan in those critical minutes when doctors struggled to bring him back to life will amaze you: Jonathan visited Heaven. And guess what? He stayed there. Forever.


That’s right. As his doctors tried everything they could to save his life, Jonathan left his body and the entire Earth behind, floating up into Heaven. And he’s still there. Gone from this world forever after his doctors were unable to revive him. Incredible, right?

It’s no surprise, then, that the story of Jonathan’s permanent trip to Heaven is renewing people’s faith all around the world. We wouldn’t be surprised if it has even got some atheists second-guessing themselves!

Thanks, Jonathan! And may you rest in peace.