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With the NFL kicking off a new season, there are plenty of changes afoot in the official rulebook. While some of them will be unnoticeable even to die-hard football fans, let’s take a look at the major changes for the season.

  • For safety, players must wear their helmets at all times while on the field and sidelines, and for at least eight hours after the final whistle
  • Once per game, head coaches are allowed to trip an opposing player running down the sideline
  • Fans are no longer permitted to talk during critical moments in the game
  • In an effort to foster good sportsmanship, players are no longer allowed to cheer on their own team
  • Players are now required to feed and care for the tweeting birds that fly around their head following concussions
  • Punters must audibly moan every time they kick the football
  • Touchdown celebrations, while permitted, no longer result in additional points
  • Players caught using God to win games will be suspended for the season
  • Helicopter-based offensive schemes are now strictly forbidden
  • Players must now abide to tighter restrictions on hand-to-face contact against spouses
  • Teams expressly forbidden from using the same player twice in the same season

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