Get ready to cry, religion lovers. The debate over the existence of God just might have been put to bed at last. Wichita, KS resident Doug Moran used to believe in God, but doesn’t anymore—is he the elusive living proof that God isn’t real and all religions are made-up?

Evangelical Christians and Muslims alike will be eating their words when they learn about Moran, who was raised in a very strict Catholic family and attended all-boys schools his entire life, and yet somehow lost his faith, no longer believes in God, and has stopped following Catholic doctrine.


In fact, Moran says he’s grown skeptical of whether religion, in general, helps society at all. Good luck explaining that one, creationists!

Need to see it for yourself? Here’s Moran at age 9, receiving Holy Communion at a Catholic Church.


And yet here he is 20 years later, an avowed agnostic who isn’t sure if any kind of higher power, let alone a single all-powerful God, exists.

Amazing. Can there be any further doubt that we’re all alone in the universe, without guiding light, lost in a dark infinity?


God really is dead!