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The Next Great American: This Man Is Even Taller Than Martin Luther King Jr.

It’s hard to overstate the importance of Martin Luther King Jr., a man whose compelling message of equality and nonviolence continues to serve as an example to Americans today.

That’s why it’s remarkable when someone comes along whose name could even be mentioned in the same breath as Dr. King’s. But Portland, OR resident Jacob Merrick is proving every day that he has the potential to be the next great American, because he’s nearly two full inches taller than Martin Luther King Jr.



Check out this height comparison chart:

Yup. While MLK was 5’7”, Jacob stands at an astounding 5’9”. Could Jacob Merrick be the next legendary iconoclast of his generation? All measurements point to yes!

Truly inspiring. And while we can only wait to see the truly amazing things Jacob Merrick will accomplish during his lifetime, we can’t help but think that somewhere out there right now, Martin Luther King Jr. must be smiling.


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