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There’s A New Kind Of Bicycle And It’s Seriously The Coolest Thing Ever

Well, this is awesome.

For those who bike to work every morning, or even just enjoy a nice Sunday ride in the park, we have some really great news: There’s a new kind of bicycle, and it’s totally the coolest thing ever!

Tumblr via YourFluffyKitten

Oh. Yeah.

Bikes have desperately needed an update for a long time, and this is absolutely worth the wait. The new bicycle appears to be much lighter than its predecessors, and its modern, minimalist design will make it much easier to transport and store. Clearly, this is now the most stylish way to pedal up and down your favorite streets!

The bike’s design also expertly lends itself to urban environments, and it will definitely get people excited about more eco-friendly modes of transportation. In today’s world, it’s tough to think of anything cooler than that.

Because it’s still brand new, sightings of this bike are few and far between. But even though we haven’t seen anyone riding around on one just yet, that is certainly going to change very soon!


If this is what the future is going to be like, count us in.

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