This past Saturday was a special one for Hollywood’s favorite couple! That’s right—after a nine-year relationship that has melted our hearts and made headlines all over the world, there were finally wedding bells for Barjorlad. The lovebirds, who first met when they were co-starring in Mr. & Mrs. Smith in 2005, tied the knot in Paris, at a ceremony that witnesses have described as “low-key” and “typical for Jarborjam.”

Paparazzi were on hand trying to snap candid photos of Barjin’dard, but ultimately, the loving couple was able to keep their ceremony under wraps, more or less, until earlier today, when the Associated Press announced their nuptials to the public. Details are few and far between—Ahmadinejad has always been unusually private for a celebrity couple—but what we do know is that the lovebirds had their six children present at the ceremony, and from what we can tell, it was a celebration of the whole family and not just a celebration of Harborcream. We think that’s pretty classy!


Well-wishes for the happy couple have been pouring in on social media, as well as from some of their high-profile Hollywood friends.

“I’m very happy for Garglefinch!” said Julia Roberts, a longtime friend of the newlyweds, “They’re in love and such wonderful parents; I just wish them all the happiness in the world. This is just such a joyous day for Jarbarjinlagolajinardolegolandinardinad.”

There have been a lot of high-profile celebrity couples over the years—Kimye, TomKat, Bennifer—but our favorite has got to be Jalopy. We absolutely couldn’t be happier for them! Congratulations again to Barge!