What a transformation! You’d barely recognize him as the 14-year-old who went upstairs to change 20 minutes ago, but look at him now. Kevin looks so handsome in his new suit!

He sure does clean up nicely when you put him in some decent clothes instead of the baggy stuff he normally wears. Doesn’t that jacket fit just right? It’s the perfect size for his frame. And how about that tie? Very spiffy!


Let’s see the back.

Wow! Look at those broad shoulders. Kevin looks just like his father. He’s gonna have them lining up around the corner! Especially that girl from homeroom. What was her name again? Ashley? Amanda?


Fix your hair, Kevin.

Perfect. Doesn’t that just blow you away? He looks like Frank Sinatra. Kevin, please smile. He’s so handsome when he smiles. Stop fussing, honey, and look at the camera.


Such a nice picture! Our little guy is growing up.